First blog post: The Start of Summer

A not-so-appealing introduction


Hello all,

I’m sat here at my laptop on the 22/07/2017 asking myself why I am creating a blog in the first place as I am adamant that I will literally get zero readers and instead I will feel a boat load of embarrassment for even daring to create a blog (I feel like I’ve watched too many Amercian TV shows).

So I guess the normal thing for a new born blogger is to introduce myself to the world:

I am a student in the United Kingdom and I am starting college. I have a curse of being average (or worse) at everything, which isn’t so compatible with myself as I have a uncontrollable desire of being the best at everything. Being surrounded by incredibly perfect friends, who have spotless records both socially and academically, has left me feeling so amazingly stupid. I’d like to think that my determination will eventually lead to me perusing my dream career but as of right now I feel 1 million light-years away from my goal.

One thing that I want to make clear is: my blog is not going to have forced positivity. Being sad or uncomfortable with your current situation is okay but the next step moving forward is to reflect upon that sad time so that you can prevent feeling down over that issue again.

Until next time,

The Struggling Student